Thursday, November 24, 2011


One of our favorite summer activities is Vacation Bible School.  We were excited to be able to take our neighbors with us this year- Ella and Miller.  Kate wasn't old enough for the big kids classes but she had a blast in the nursery.  I really don't have that many pictures- only from the final day- because we were having too much fun.

IMG 2889IMG 2895IMG 2900IMG 2911IMG 2912

I forgot to mention the three older kids went to our VBS in the morning and then Ella's in the evening!  They were definitely filled with God's love this week!

Ice and Washclothes

Either we have a lot of invisible bumps and bruises or our girls like some sympathy a few times a day.  We don't go a day without something hurting where we need ice or a cold washcloth.  And coincidentally- always at the same time!

IMG 2885


Pool Time!

You can't have summer without some pool time in the yard with the neighborsIMG 2875

IMG 2877IMG 2879IMG 2881IMG 2883

Science Fun

We love our local science museum!

IMG 2852IMG 2853IMG 2864IMG 2865IMG 2866IMG 2871

Beach Trip

We decided to start the summer off right- with a family beach trip!

IMG 2629IMG 2631IMG 2635IMG 2638IMG 2639IMG 2641IMG 2646IMG 2655IMG 2656IMG 2660IMG 2669IMG 2673IMG 2683IMG 2697IMG 2701IMG 2704IMG 2707IMG 2711IMG 2743IMG 2746IMG 2770IMG 2775

Great trip!  Thanks Erin and Tad for letting us rent your condo!

Summer of Crafts

For graduation, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jeff have pledged to send Grace a craft every two weeks in the mail.  Grace is pumped!  The first one came this week

IMG 1326

First Day of Summer Vacation!

IMG 1312


The Easter Bunny brought the girls some caterpillars and we loved watching them grow into butterflies.  It was time to release them and they just didn't want to leave :)

IMG 2451IMG 2457IMG 2464IMG 2470IMG 2475IMG 2480

Mother's Day

We don't usually see my mom on Mother's Day so it was a nice treat to have breakfast together before we all headed off to the airport.

IMG 2436IMG 2441IMG 2443IMG 2444

Then Sarah and I treated ourselves :)

IMG 1273